Foot and Ankle Injuries from Workplace Accidents

Work-related foot and ankle ailments can force you to lose considerable time from the office. You might, for instance, be bedridden and require surgery to insert plates, rods, or screws to promote appropriate fracture healing and restore mobility.

You might well be entitled to workers’ compensation payments in Chicago to assist you in dealing with the effects of your accident. These perks could cover each of the medical bills and a portion of your lost earnings.

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What Entails Foot and Ankle Injuries?

Damage to the ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons in the toes, ankles, and feet constitutes a foot and ankle injury. Crushing injuries to the foot are common. An employee’s feet may be hurt if anything heavy falls on them or something is dropped.

Accidents could also cause toe and foot amputations, either by severing the digits cleanly or necessitating surgical removal after being crushed.

Ankle and foot injuries cause pain and make it hard to bear weight or walk. Losing a foot is a disfiguring injury that may render the victim permanently disabled or necessitate using a prosthesis.

Why Ankle and Foot Injuries are Widespread in Workplace

Injuries to the ankle or foot are among the most prevalent injuries sustained by workers. Workplace ankle and foot incidents totaled approximately 96,000 in 2018.

The most common causes of such injuries at work are listed below.

Putting the Wrong Shoes

Many work-related ankle and foot injuries occur because workers don appropriate footwear.

While it’s certainly your prerogative to wear whichever footwear you choose to the office, it’s important to remember that the wrong pair of shoes could cause severe problems for your ankles and feet.

Standing for Prolonged Periods

Occupational ankle and foot injuries are prevalent since many workers must stand for extended shifts. There is a risk that this could cause foot and ankle tiredness and soreness with prolonged use. Bunions and calluses are other potential results of prolonged standing on rough surfaces.

Repetitive Motions

Repetitive movements also contribute to the high rate of ankle and foot injuries on the job. There is a larger chance of repetitive motion damage in the ankles or feet if, for instance, your profession demands you to remain in one location and continuously make the same motion.

Unsafe Work Conditions

There are more risky professions than others. Foot and ankle injuries are more likely to happen in a hazardous workplace.

Employees With Higher Risk of Ankle and Foot Injuries

Occupational ankle and foot injuries are typically the results of a fall and slip. Even though any worker is at risk for an ankle and foot injury on the job, certain occupations are more at risk than others:

  • Nurses
  • Store workers such as cashiers, waiters, cooks, and retail clerks
  • Automotive Repair
  • Service workers such as carpenters, roofers, and masons

Ankle and Foot Safety Tips

The key to ensuring everyone’s feet are safe on the job is for management and workers to be aware of any potential hazards.
Wearing shoes designed to safeguard your feet at work is essential.

Particularly in workplaces where heavy lifting is common, it is recommended that employees wear shoes with reinforced toes and metal insoles to prevent injury from punctures.

Make sure your workspace is as free of clutter as possible to reduce the risk of injuries and promptly clean up any spillage. Most accidents occur due to a lack of focus. Therefore, staying focused and not getting distracted is crucial.

It is recommended that you seek the counsel of an experienced attorney to obtain workers’ benefits and compensation in Chicago after suffering an injury on the job. Win Injury Network is ready to advocate on your behalf.

How Much You Could Expect for an Ankle Injury

If you suffer an ankle injury while at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, which will determine the specifics of your case and the seriousness of your condition. The injury’s past and future effects on your life are also considered.

With the help of our knowledgeable staff, we can evaluate your claim and provide you with an approximation of the compensation you might expect to receive if your claim is approved.

The Compensation for a Foot Injury at Work

The amount of money you could receive for an injury claim is conditional on several circumstances, as is the case with any claim for money damages. The extent of your damage and its immediate and long-term effects on your quality of life and employment prospects are two factors.

The severity of your foot injury will determine how much compensation you receive. Higher compensation will be awarded for more severe foot injuries that cause lengthy or permanent impairment and significantly reduce mobility and quality of life.

Injuries sustained on the job are compensated for in full, including medical costs and lost pay supported during recovery.

How Win Injury Network Can Assist You With Ankle and Foot Injury Claim

Any medical expenses sustained due to a work-related injury or illness are expected to be covered by workers’ compensations in Chicago.

This includes all necessary medical attention from the accident until the patient fully recovers. After suffering an ankle or foot injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation from your employer. Workers’ compensation attorney at Win Injury Network may help you file a claim for this compensation throughout Chicago.

We will also file for lost-wages compensation if you cannot work throughout your recovery. We may pursue compensation from a third party other than your boss or a coworker if they are to blame for your injuries. This would be considered a claim for damages caused to a third party.

To schedule your no-cost initial consultation, give us a call at Win Injury Network. Our professionals are ready and committed to serving you and assisting you in getting fair compensation for your claims.